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What possessed God to trap a teenage girl into a 265-year-old man's body?

You wake up late, sleep when you please, and nothing can come between you and cake.

You love stuffed animals because you can kiss them until they're worn, and fix them when they're torn.

You love fashion and makeup and shiny, red nails.

It's as if this whole city exists watch you dress up and play pretend.

It's wonderful. You live without shame.

But can you love without shame as well...?

Is it so scary to be in love, at your big age?

Parfum Nostalgique is a kinetic visual novel series that details a small but eventful window of time in the life of 265 year-old therapist-by-day, dom-by-night vampire, Valdemar Andressen.

A story of friendship, tragedy, and unconditional love that explores the conflict between moral personhood and the human necessity of wearing different masks, Parfum Nostalgique is a coming of age for those who have already come of age, or what some would call a “midlife crisis."

In Act 1, meet Val and the main cast, and strap in for a wild ride of twists, turns, and tears accompanied by a vintage shoujo manga-inspired art, an original soundtrack, and a robust cast of voice actors!

This game is made by a sole developer. All writing, art, UI, coding, sound design, music composition, and... everything except voice acting for 10 out of all 11 characters! Please consider supporting me on Patreon so I can keep giving this series my all, or follow the official Priro Twitter page.

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