B O N J O U R !

Hello Dear! ☆

Welcome to the official site for Priro.pro.

I am Prince Rosalium, the only person here. For all Priro.pro projects, I am the artist, writer, composer, and developer.

This is the creative machine that produces Parfum Nostalgique, a kinetic visual novel series about a 265-year-old therapist-by-day, dom-by-night vampire and his fantastic, dramatic, romantic, traumatic navigation of the human experience.

A story of friendship, tragedy, and unconditional love that explores the conflict between moral personhood and the human necessity of wearing different masks, Parfum Nostalgique is a coming of age for those who have already come of age, or what some would call a “midlife crisis."

Aside from being a home for Parfum Nostalgique, this site will also house game/visual novel development resources, curated indie game selections, printable media, recipes, and essays.

I hope for this to be a fun and resourceful space for all ☆