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Was I wrong? Perhaps not.

But was I cowardly?

Was I deliberate?


...But sometimes, such measures are necessary to protect yourself, and...

...Others, who need protecting.

...As if I should be trusted with protecting anybody.

Nobody should place their trust in me.

I even place too much trust in myself.

Parfum Nostalgique is a kinetic visual novel series that details a small but eventful window of time in the life of 265 year-old therapist-by-day, dom-by-night vampire, Valdemar Andressen.

A story of friendship, tragedy, and unconditional love that explores the conflict between moral personhood and the human necessity of wearing different masks, Parfum Nostalgique is a coming of age for those who have already come of age, or what some would call a “midlife crisis."

In Act 2 the thrilling saga continues! Strap in for a wild ride of twists, turns, and tears accompanied by a vintage shoujo manga-inspired art, an original soundtrack, and a robust cast of voice actors!

This game is made by a sole developer. All writing, art, UI, coding, sound design, music composition, and... everything except voice acting for 9 out of all 11 characters! Please consider supporting me on Patreon so I can keep giving this series my all, or follow the official Priro Twitter page.

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